Sept 21, 2017

6:30p Photo Walk Around Rialto

Shadows And Limestone

Bring your camera for our September meeting. We will be meeting early at 6:30p for a photo walk around the Rialto area. Dusk, shadows and limestone... Then back to Gallery Seven for photo share and discussion. Should be fun and interesting.

See you at 6:30p. Don't forget your camera.




Come check us out on for more information about our group and please create a free account to join for more interaction with our group as well as information for other meetups that share similar interests. Great site to socially participate with other groups.




Interested in PAS membership? Dues are $25.00 per person and $40.00 per couple.                                      




PAS had a very successful Member Show & Silent Auction last year on Saturday August 9th 2014. A heartfelt and sincere thank you goes to the members of Gallery 7 who did an incredible job of hosting the event. PAS is most grateful. A big thank you goes to the PAS members who contributed to and helped with the silent auction. We will be able to continue with the PAS scholarship! It's can't happen without your support.



PAS Officers

  • President - Janet Meyer
  • Vice President - Jan Ivaska
  • Treasurer - Jon Balke
  • Secretary - Jack Retterer



July 2017 PAS Member Show at Gallery 7.                   Congratulations Member Show Winners!

  • Best of Show - Jim McCollum - The Elevator
  • Color 1st Place - Jay Anderson - Carnival
  • Color 2nd Place - Karen McCollum - Terra Cotta Soldiers
  • Color 3rd Place - Michael Veltman - Blue
  • B/W 1st Place - Jon Balke - Riveting
  • B/W 2nd Place - Ken Konjevich - Untitled-South Korea
  • B/W 3rd Place - Jim McCollum - Les Templiers




Our 2017 scholarship recipient is Art Institute of Chicago student Emily Holzinger. At our August 17, 2017 meeting she presented her current portfolio and discussed her future aspirations as a professional photographer. View Emily's SlideShow.


2012 PAS Member Book is available for purchase through


The Photographic Arts Society's partnering with Ainsworth Gallery and Calumet Photographic to host a photographic competition for local high school students on April 14, 2012 was a total success. View SlideShow




Photography Contests / Exhibitions: 

Gallery Seven



  • Exhibit: PAS Member Show - Runs: July 17th - August 25th - Reception: August 25th 2017 6-8p


Photographic Opportunities:

Check out the Ainsworth Gallery website and Gallery 7 website for workshops and events.


Darcy Berg does classes and workshops. For information on those classes and workshops, go to Contact Darcy at for more information.

Hank Erdmann hosts events and tours. For more information, contact hank at or email Hank at




From Elizabeth Vassolo at TribLocal: 

I am one of TribLocal's community producers and I am working on a new project to bring our contributing photographer's skills to our readers. We are always amazed at the wonderful photo contributions from residents and photo clubs to our site. So, TribLocal would like to start a monthly photo column that would tackle a seasonal photo challenge, like capturing the beauty of spring flowers or catching a young athlete taking his first T-ball swing. Would anyone be interesting in working with TribLocal to be a contributing photo columnist? If there is enough interest, I would like to rotate photographers each month. The pieces ideally would be full of tips and suggestions and include photos that illustrate those tips. I would like to run the first column in March and it would appear in all 21 print editions. The subject is capturing spring flowers. If anyone would like to participate or if you have questions, send me an email. Her email is