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Richard Harold Ainsworth has been an artist and art educator his entire life. Specializing now in Fine Art Photography and Photojournalism, his career has covered every aspect of professional photography over the last five decades. A tireless promoter and advocate of the arts in the Joliet community he is a founding member of the Photographic Arts Society.

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I have been interested in photography since I was a kid when my uncle let me take my first photo with his Polaroid. In this digital age it’s very easy and fun to create fantasy photos and it's pretty much routine to tweak a photo until everything is perfect, but it’s always been more satisfying for me to be able to capture something as I saw it – at that instant when everything comes together to make me say "Wow. That would be a great shot." And click the shutter. In addition to my website I have a weekly blog called Positively Tuesday It is my attempt to combat the negativity I see so much of. If we can be positive one day a week, that will hopefully carry over to the rest of the week. It also keeps me on my toes looking for new photo ops!

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Bob Dietz

A life long resident of Tinley Park, I humorously considers myself to be a con artist; always looking to make people laugh with plenty of portfolio images accumulated over the years. Photography is supposed to be a fun way of expressing or conveying thoughts and ideas and then sharing them with others in the form of images. Artistically I described myself as "Lines, laces, and wide open spaces…" Every picture tells a story and I consider the world my oyster. I've spent a lifetime searching for and capturing the decisive moment to share with others, specializing in bringing all the variables together to make the whole complete; be it in the Air, Fire, Earth or Water in the balance of perception. I also consider myself an instrument to capture and record the Creator’s Power, Glory, and Greatness here on Earth. Beauty surrounds us all constantly, in all directions, and one should take the time to stop for a moment to perceive it. Big, small, thin and tall variety is the spice of life and I will continue to be mesmerized and document events of all things living or inert that I comes in contact with.

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Christine Foley

Photo - expressionistic, Style - personal, emotional. I move beyond the traditional towards more expression of mental thoughts during the time of capture. The inception of my images starts before the shutter clicks and are often enhanced slightly in post to make my vision a reality. I am invigorated by scenes with muted light, deep colors, shapes and textures in the world around me. My motivation is to express or evoke a feeling, tell a story, and to make a connection between the subject, the viewer, and myself. To create Fine Art Photography with an Artistic twist.

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Janice Ivaska

I have had a love for photography since I was a little girl and that love has turned into a passion for me. I am seldom without my camera as I never know when the “next” great shot may come along. I enjoy taking photos of Mother Nature and all she has to offer as well as capturing people and their special times. My eyes see the world in “photographs”.

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Maria Mick

Multi-genre mixed-media art for me, starts with an image either real or imagined growing into an emotional creation communicating our connection. A sketch and or a photo, thoughts coalesce into visual form. And sometimes... words are born. Published writer at 10 years old (an essay contest), and with my creativity brewing in the birth of the technological age, my art has now found digital meaning. Recent publications 2008-2010 JJC’s